Fletcher Matandika
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Dear Friends,

Thank you for your encouraging notes and prayers in response to last week's e-mail update. I very much appreciate your care and concern for Malawi. 

One question that inevitably comes to mind in light of the dire situation in which Malawi finds herself has to do with the future. The situation is quite bad for most of the country. Despair in the face of the uncertain future only seems natural.

Over the past week, I have been forced to deal with the question regarding the future of Malawi. Is there any future at all for this country? If so, where does that future lie? Has the LORD completely abandoned us?

I have found great comfort in the fact that the LORD is sovereign over all things. God, orchestrates and that directs the affairs of men by His providence which according to one of the English Puritans, is a "soft pillow for anxious heads." In addition to that, I have been tremendously encouraged by the words of the Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 16:18 where He says, "...I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Nations and kingdoms will inevitably fail. But the Church of Jesus Christ will remain forever.

The sovereignty of God and Christ's headship over His Church gives us a solid frame work in which to operate and provides us with helpful lenses through which we look into the future.

As I think about Malawi, I am thankful that in the providence, the Church of Jesus Christ, though not yet perfect, is alive and well. Ultimately, the future of Malawi (by that I mean the people of Malawi), lies in the hands of our sovereign LORD and in Christ's headship over His Church for through the Church, He is "building a people of power and making a people of praise, who will move through this land by His Spirit will glorify His precious Name. So, we can sing with Dave Richards:

Build Your Church, Lord
Make us strong, Lord
Join our hearts, Lord, through Your Son
Make us one, Lord
In Your Body,
In the Kingdom of Your Son

My time here in Dzuwa Village is quickly drawing to a close. Most of my work on this trip has been with the church and the school. Today, I had the privilege of presiding over a combined congregational meeting for Dzuwa and Kapangalika ARPC congregations. We had a very blessed time. In this little village, the Lord is building His Church and raising a people who will make a difference for God and for Christ across this land. Some of those people are the students that we have at the secondary school. The picture above shows some of the secondary school girls attending Dzuwa Classical Christian Academy. 

As I write, we have 58 students (boys and girls) in Forms 1-3. Please pray for them. Many of them come from ungodly families. Almost all of them come from very poor families who struggle to support them in school. Some come from broken homes. Some don't even have a place that they can really call home. They each have a story to tell. My prayer is that as a result of what the LORD is doing here, their life story will be permanently altered as they encounter Christ in His Word, in the church, and in their classrooms during their time with us. May it be so according to God's will.

Your brother and fellow servant in Christ,

Fletcher Matandika
International President
Joy to the World Ministries