Registration for the Men for God Conference 2016 - Now Open!

Registration for the Men for God Conference 2016 is now open. Please register now while there is still room. We only have room for up to 400 men so please act quickly. Registration will automatically close when that number has been reached. The conference registration fee for this year is $30. 

For a glimpse of what last year's conference was like, please take a few minutes to watch and listen to the powerful and glorious singing by the men on the first day of the conference. It was really heavenly to listen to all the male voices belting out in praise and adoration to our LORD, Creator and Redeemer with Brother Frank Ezinga of the Langley Canadian Reformed Church on the organ. It was marvellous! That was really a major highlight for me at the conference.

But the greatest highlight for me was listening to the exposition of Scripture given by the speakers at the conference. Conrad Mbewe, Tim Challies and Doug Nichols joined me as speakers at the conference. I thank the Lord for these brothers for their faithful labors in the gospel. I felt truly blessed and privileged to sit under their preaching ministry. I was greatly challenged and encouraged to go hard after Christ and strive to be the man that He wants me to be and that is the testimony of the many men who were at the conference.

This is what one of the men who attended last year's conference had to say:

The variety of speakers, not only location-wise, but also in the content of the talks. The topics ranged from strong preaching of the gospel to very practical ways to live Christian lives. Although the speakers were not all from the same denomination or country, the nature of the conference was such that this wasn't focused on and the speakers fit well together (contrary to many conferences). The singing was awesome! I also enjoyed seeing many different men at the conference, from a variety of backgrounds. You know a conference is good when you don't just see one type of person there. I liked the straightforward confrontation of pornography, an obviously huge sin in our day that is often pushed aside and avoided. Above all, God was glorified at this conference - not man or his opinions, not a denomination, but God and His gospel.

Watch and listen to the messages given at the Men for God Conference 2015.

This year, Tim Challies is coming back and will be joined by two other brilliant gospel preachers, namely, Pastor Rob Godard, Senior Pastor of Cloverdale Baptist Church (a Reformed Baptist Church in Cloverdale) and Rev. Andrew Compton (Associate Pastor of Christ United Reformed Church in Anaheim, California). I am looking forward to hearing these friends and brothers minister God's Word to us at the conference. If you are in the vicinity, I hope that you will not miss the opportunity to hear these brothers speak God's Word into your soul. I therefore encourage you to make every effort under God attend this conference. You will be encouraged and strengthened to fulfil your God-given roles in your home, church and work place. I look forward to seeing you there, Lord willing!

Your brother in Christ,

Fletcher Matandika