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Thankful for My First and Most Faithful Pastor

As October (pastor appreciation month) comes to an end, I want to express my deep gratitude to the LORD for the first man ever to serve as my pastor. This man has been my pastor longer than any other pastor I have had. He became my pastor before I was even born and has continued pastoring me to this very day.... Read More

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20 Computers for Dzuwa

I am really excited and thankful that the LORD has provided 20 computers for our school in Dzuwa. I can only imagine how these computers will transform the teaching and learning experiences for the teachers and students (respectively) at Dzuwa Classical Christian Academy (DCCA). Please pray that these computers... Read More

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Progress on the Teachers' Duplex & Classroom Block in Dzuwa

Thankful for the good progress on the construction of the teachers' duplex and classroom for Forms 3 and 4 (Grade 11 and 12) at the Dzuwa Classical Christian Academy. Praise the LORD! Read More

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Praise the LORD! We've Got a Tractor!

A few weeks ago, we were able to purchase this second-hand tractor to help us with the development and expansion of our agriculture programs in Dzuwa. We thank the LORD for providing the funds for this tractor. This will go a long way in transforming not only Joy to the World Ministries but also many households in... Read More


The Future of Malawi

Dear Friends, Thank you for your encouraging notes and prayers in response to last week's e-mail update. I very much appreciate your care and concern for Malawi. One question that inevitably comes to mind in light of the dire situation in which Malawi finds herself has to do with the future. The situation is quite... Read More

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Business came to a grinding halt for most of the day here in Dzuwa. A child, I believe preteen was buried. She died after a short illness. A few of us at Joy to the World Ministries, went to attend the funeral. It was quite sad...and I could not bring myself to take any pictures - largely out of respect, but also... Read More

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Cry, My Beloved Country

It is no longer a secret that Malawi ranks #1 among the poorest countries in the world with a GDP of $226.50. What a shame! Why? Because Malawi as a country is not poor. Malawians are poor but Malawi is not poor. The Lord has blessed us with many precious resources. Malawi is blessed with intelligent and hard... Read More

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Construction Updates at Dzuwa Classical Christian Academy

Since I arrived here last week, I have had the wonderful privilge of watching the expansion of Dzuwa Classical Christian Academy (DCCA). Two construction projects are underway as I write. One is a duplex which is meant to provide accommodation for new teachers. The other is a classroom block for Forms 3 and 4... Read More

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Please Meet the Joy to the World Missionary Team!

Please meet the Joy to the World missionary team! Here is the entire team (about 25 of us). We had such a wonderful meeting today in which the new National Director (my Dad) reminded us of the vision of Joy to the World Ministries. He impressed upon us to care and be concerned about the spiritual well being of the... Read More

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Please Meet the New Board for JTW Ministries - Malawi

Dear Friends! Please meet the new board for Joy to the World Ministries - Malawi.  In the picture, they are (from left to right): Rev. Fletcher Matandika (International President) Mr. Benson Nkhoma (Secretary) Mr. Henderson Kalinda (Human Resource Advisor) Pastor McPherson Jere (Board Chairman) Justice Rezine... Read More